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The Township of Little Falls is in the process of developing a comprehensive All-Hazards Mitigation Plan (the "Plan"), prepared in accordance with state and federal guidance and standards. The creation of this plan will allow the Township to be eligible for future mitigation funding from FEMA.  This is an opportunity for the Township to create a detailed plan that will address a variety of potential hazards that could affect some or all of our citizens.

A contract has been awarded by the Township Council to Tetra Tech EM Inc. of Rockaway, New Jersey to assist the Township with the development of this Plan.

All-Hazards Mitigation Plan Mission Statement

A Mission Statement, and mitigation planning Goals and Objectives are being established.

The goal of the plan is to identify projects that can reduce damages from future natural hazards. The plan will include a risk assessment and a hazard-mitigation strategy.

The primary hazard in the Township of Little Falls is flooding, but other potential hazards to be analyzed include severe storms (windstorms, thunderstorms, hail), severe winter storms (heavy snow, ice storms), and earthquakes.

The study will focus on existing and future buildings, infrastructure and critical facilities that might be impacted. Critical facilities include shelters and hospitals; infrastructure includes utilities, roadways, railroads and communication systems.

A series of public meetings will be part of the plan development process, both to solicit public comment and to present the draft plan to residents and local officials.